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We are so excited to launch our new It's Your Choice school. Detailed in the video is a brief synopsis of our free mini-course to introduce ourselves to you! We hope it ignites you to come back as we launch new exciting courses that will enhance your life! We have one life, let's live it well! We will also be offering personal, relationship (marriage and parenting), and grief coaching. Thank you for joining us! Let's stay in touch! And always remember, It's Your Choice!!

Let me introduce myself!

The Meaning Behind 'It's Your Choice'

In creating this logo I wanted it to speak loudly about what 'It's Your Choice" is about. I integrated West African symbols that highlight the foundation of transforming your life. We seek Wisdom above all else. Wisdom tells us the why, the how, and the when to move. Ingenuity speaks of the ability to be clever, unique, and inventive. All skills needed to make your transformation your own, tailor-fit to you. We move with Patience because it takes time to make changes. It takes time to assess if we made the right changes. Patience is a virtue that is often overlooked. And lastly, we have Change. Change is a necessity throughout life. Life is ever-evolving and changing, I must learn and appreciate the skills needed to ebb and flow with life's changes. Wisdom, Ingenuity, Patience, And Change are what 'It's Your Choice' is all about.

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